Do you want your organization to move faster and overcome bottlenecks?

Domain boundaries and organizational dynamics are key to achieving these goals.

Two approaches that are proven to deliver them are Team Topologies and Domain-Driven Design.

Our free minibook outlines in 5 expert articles how to combine the two approaches for a comprehensive enabler of fast flow.

The articles provide key industry insights from these industry practitioners:

  • Susanne Kaiser

  • Alberto Brandolini

  • Michael Plöd

  • Nick Tune

  • Rich Allen and Matthew Skelton

Particular themes in the minibook include:

  • Team-sized software: Using organizational design to deliver business results. Paying attention to cognitive load as a constraining factor.

  • Team-first tools and skills: Teams should be treated as the fundamental means of delivery.

  • Curated team interactions: Communication pathways evolve with technical and organizational maturity.

Why is this valuable to your organization?

Speed is a major differentiator in today’s business environment. Successful businesses focus on getting products to market faster and more frequently. This represents business agility. Contributors to business agility include technical capability, social structures, and team interactions.

Who is this for?

If you have ever wondered how team types can be matched to domains or whether and how information can flow between domains then this minibook is for you!

Or, if you are inquisitive about how to make your software organization faster at delivering change more frequently without overburdening teams and whilst improving team morale … this is for you!

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